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About Midwest Power Industries, Inc

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Company Profile:
About Midwest Power Industries – Kansas City-Springfield-Wichita- Industrial Forklift Batteries, Chargers Sales and Service

Midwest Power Industries.MPI is an award winning Hawker battery and charger dealer headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with satellite offices in southern Missouri and Wichita, Kansas.  We proudly represent Hawker batteries and chargers, MTC handling equipment, and Flow-rite watering systems. Midwest Power Industries has served the Missouri and Kansas region since 2001 and prides itself on our knowledgeable and courteous sales staff along with our technically savvy maintenance and service technicians. All service techs are OSHA forklift compliant and MTC certified.
With decades of battery and charger experience, Midwest Power Industries can help you with all of your electric lift truck needs.  Contact us to learn more about our products and services and let us help you with all your motive power requirements.  From maintenance issues on a single battery or charger, to replacing your entire fleet of batteries, MPI is your solution specialist.  

Our Staff:

Brian O’Rourke
Brian O’Rourke is the founder and President of Midwest Power Industries.  Brian received his bachelors’ degree from the University of Missouri.  He began his career as a painting contractor from 1984-1994.  In addition to an occupation as a contractor, he worked for Ash Battery and C &D technology from 1995-2001.

Lisa Todd
Lisa is the Inside sales and Operations Director and has been employed with Midwest Power Industries since 2008. She handles the numerous day to day activities including but not limited to Human Resources, accts payable/receivable, payroll, etc. Lisa gives Midwest Power Industries the ability to run in a smooth and proficient manner. 

Tyler Higgins
Tyler Higgins is the Fast/Opportunity Charging Specialist, Shop Supervisor, Technician and Territory Manager.  He has provided MPI with admirable service since 2008. A true asset to Midwest Power Industries.

John Chrisp

John Chrisp acquired extensive knowledge of industrial batteries and chargers in his previous job at GNB where he worked hands on for 13 years supervising up to 47 people before his departure to open his own industrial battery and charger business.  From 2002 to 2009 John owned Battery Works before joining with MPI in September 2009 as a Sales and Service Manager.

Cullen O'Rourke
Cullen is our newest Sales and Service Technician.  He covers a wide area for Midwest Power from Springfield, Columbia, St. Louis and places in between. We expect good things from Cullen.

James Cox
James Is Midwest Powers newest member. He is Midwest Power Industries I.T. Director, and Facility Manager.  James has been primarily in the construction field most of his life. James got his Information Technology Education from Texas Tech and International Business College located in Texas.

John Smith
John is our Springfield Missouri Field Service Technician. A recent graduate from Rockhurst and CMSU colleges.

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Forklift battery and chargers-Kansas City, Springfield, Wichita

Midwest Power Industry Headquarters

Wichita Facility

Springfield Facility


St. Louis Facility


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Battery Affiliates – Battery Charger Affiliates – Battery Handling Equipment affiliates – battery watering accessories and supply affiliates –                                

Hawker.HAWKER “Leading Edge Power Solutions” From Australia to Singapore, from England to Germany, and throughout the Americas the power of HAWKER spans the globe.

HAWKER is our primary vendor.  They are the largest brand of industrial lead-acid batteries in the world.  We offer not only the best manufactured products available in the industry, but also the broadest line of solutions for controlling and reducing your motive power operating costs.  HAWKER is the source for power solutions tailored to the individual requirements of your operation.  So, whether you’re running three shifts a day or simply moving a couple of pallets a day, HAWKER can configure a solution to meet your needs.

HAWKER has several charger options to keep your batteries performing at maximum capacity for the maximum number of cycles.  For the exact charge each and every time-for reliable, safe error-free charging, HAWKER has the charger you need.

Materials Transportation Company.When it comes to battery changing equipment and systems, industries around the world come to Materials Transportation Company.  That’s because MTC is uniquely qualified to help companies like yours meet the challenge of battery changing both now and in the future.  Utilizing MTC’s team of engineers, designers, and sales and service professionals, you can harness the power of change with efficient, dependable systems designed for any workload and budget. 

With MTC products, you’re assured of state-of-the-art, long-lasting equipment and systems designed with safety in mind that delivers increased productivity for many years to come. MTC understands that your facility will grow, so we design our systems to be expandable - to grow right along with you.

Whether your electric truck fleet is small or large, MTC has a side removal system that’s right for your application.  Our portable changing systems include the non-powered Battery Transporter with Mechanical Loader.  If your changing needs require a powered portable system, consider MTC’s Attach-A-Puller and Walk-A-Puller models.

Larger fleets demand more power and MTC’s industry-standard Power Changer is your solution.  Power Changers provide a safe, dependable way to change batteries quickly and efficiently without operator fatigue.  MTC Power Changers are available in single or double compartment models and from a single level up to a six high system to allow for the most efficient use of your floor space and budget.     

Millennium Watering Systems.The Millennium Single Point Watering system is specifically designed for the industrial / commercial battery user. Originally developed for forklift batteries, the Millennium SPW system has evolved to fit the needs of many other applications such as ground support equipment, mining equipment, locomotives, sweepers, scrubbers, etc. The Millennium SPW system works by replacing the batteries existing vent caps with patented valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached, allowing the batteries to be filled perfectly every time without even having to look at the batteries.

Millennium SPW™ is the most innovative, advanced, versatile, and user friendly system. At a glance, many of the features are evident. Everything from the clampless polypropylene tubing, flame arrestors, flip top cap, and the low profile to the solid shroud. But what's even more impressive is the structure inside the valve. The Millennium SPW™ valve is capable of working independent of water pressure (3-35 psi), providing you to use a variety of water supply options. In addition, the valve includes a built in water barrier to block the propagation of a flame front from entering adjacent cells in the event of accidental gas ignition.

Ramsey Group.Ramsey Group is proud of the innovative Battery Safety Products developed since 1989. We are also pleased to be associated with the forward looking Industrial Battery Suppliers who provided their customers safer and more effective techniques for using batteries in their business environment.

In 1989, Neutralizing Acid Adsorber™ was an innovative product used to neutralize and adsorb hazardous electrolyte spills. As government regulations evolved, First Responder™ Acid Spill Kits were introduced. These kits included personal safety wear and appropriate clean-up equipment to protect employees as they responded to hazardous material spills. All of these materials were packaged in a self contained kit to promote timely response to a spill emergency.

In the mid 90's, closed loop battery wash systems were developed. These systems required a highly concentrated neutralizer to treat large quantities of acidified water. The technology behind Neutralizing Acid Adsorber™ was used to develop Neutralizing Conditioner™. This allows reuse of the wash water conserving precious resources and minimizing waste.

During this same time period, Ramsey Group developed an effective battery housing neutralizer and cleaner, Neutra-Clean™. This product detects the presence of acid by changing color. By continuing to apply the product in the area of color change, the acid is neutralized and a second color change confirms the hazard is eliminated.

Since 1989, new product development progressed with one common trend. All products will be user friendly and environmentally safe. No hazardous ingredients are acceptable!

Although we are proud of our heritage and business associations; the real leaders were those customers who invested their dollars in Ramsey Group products to support our on-going efforts. To each of you - our thanks and admiration.

Philadelphia Scientific.Philadelphia Scientific is a world-leading provider of products and services for motive power and standby batteries, operating from North America, Europe, Southeast-Asia & Asia-Pacific. The creator and manufacturer of many market-leading products, PS continuously develops new innovations to serve the industry. This excellence in engineering, combined with a passion for quality, has made PS one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace today.


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